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As Medicus Tourism Health Services, which has international accreditation, we continue to serve worldwide with our strong network, expert staff and contracted hospitals. We bring a new perspective to Health tourism with Treatment, Transportation, Transfer, Accommodation and Translation services. Of course, advanced hospitals and specialist physicians contribute to the service we provide in surgical and non-surgical medical fields, which are extremely wide and at the same time require experience. As a dynamic and enthusiastic team, we are always improving ourselves to provide better service to you.

We seek always to create & deliver value for you

We continue our work with the mission of presenting good works by keeping your health in the foreground with scientific methods in order to make your dreams come true

Our Mission
Our mission is to enhence health and well-being by providing the best total healthcare.
Our Vision
Trusted partner for health. A healthy community with quality, affordable healthcare for all.
Quality Policy
We practise high standards through an effective quality management system to assure that our services meet.

Contracted Clinics and Doctors